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Design and assembly

Autek supply complete instrument Enclosure, Cabinets, Control Panels and Fiscal Meter runs.


  • Tube Fittings NOG 143 (earlier OLF 120)
  • N2 leak testing up to 600 bar
  • H2 hydrostatic test up to 1000 bar

Autek runs a state-of-the-art workshop and testing facility in Drammen, Norway.

Assembly often includes transmitter(s), manifold(s), brackets, tubing, fitting, and heaters – just to name a few.

Fiscal Metering typically includes spools, flowmeters, pressure and temperature instruments in enclosures, an analyser package, and a metering control panel.

Prior to any manufacturing of pre-assembled systems, our dedicated instrument engineers design and provide GA-drawings for the client to review and accept.

Our facilities and set-up also provide testing, documentation, and assembly.


Autek is the main investor in Iconel AS. Iconel is a machining and welding workshop that prioritises quality in all their products and services. They are certified according to NS-ISO 3834-2 and have a large selection of different welding procedures according to NORSOK M601 and TR1826. With in-house NDT personnel certified according to NS-EN ISO:2012/Nordtest doc Gen 010, they deliver complete products with competitive pricing and delivery times.