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We make big efforts to provide the best solutions to our customers satisfactions.

Throughout the years, our sales team has developed a reputation as a one of the leading suppliers in the industry of field instrumentation. By providing our clients with excellent customer service, quick replies, and a dedication to meeting their every need, we have established ourselves as trusted partners for offshore and processing industries.

As a leading process instrumentation supplier, we use the latest product and system development technology. Our sales team combines this cutting-edge technology with our expertise to surpass our client’s every need. Wether you require complete systems or process instruments, we’re here to help. We ensure that all our partners receive the industry’s most reliable solutions.

Sales Team

+47 32 21 92 00

Meet our salesteam

Certificate of apprenticeship

Technical college/Bachelor.Sc./Master.Sc

FSE low voltage


OLF tubing and fittings Certificate

Contact our sales team

Lars Kristian Salvesen
Managing Director / Sales

+47 900 27 277

About Lars Kristian
Lars Kristian is the owner of Autek AS. He has a bachelor's degree in Marketing Communication and Cybernetics. He has held several roles at Autek, such as offshore services, project engineering, and sales engineering. Today, Lars mainly works with metering systems and flow elements.
Jann Alnes Øverland
Senior Sales Engineer

+47 474 62 556

About Jann
Jann is our Senior Sales Engineer and Product Manager of Safety Solutions and Temperature Measurement. He has worked in the sales department at Autek since 2007. Jann is our specialist when it comes to thermowells and safety interlockings. But, most importantly, he always puts his customers first.
Helge Larsen
Manager Autek Vest

+47 478 82 027

About Helge
Helge has over 40 years of experience in management, sales, and marketing in the oil and gas Industry. He has an extensive global network in the supplies and manufacturing sectors, including distributors, engineering companies, and end users.
Geir Falkevik
Senior System Engineer

+47 926 95 136

About Geir
Geir is our Senior System Engineer. He has a degree in Automation and 23 years of experience with instrumentation for the offshore industry. During the last 14 years, Geir has been working with complete metering systems. At Autek, he mainly focuses on working with metering systems and flow elements.
Asle Olsen
Technical Sales Engineer

+47 959 24 340

About Asle
Asle is our dedicated technical sales engineers, and will work with the whole product range. He has more than 25 years of experience working on a range of projects for the onshore, maritime, and offshore market. He has a strong drive to handle and solve his customers technical request and issue’s. He always sets his customers in first line.
Lisbeth Eigeland-Laheld
Sales support / Expediting

+47 924 50 855

About Lisbeth
Lisbeth has worked at Autek since 2013 in the logistics and expediting department. In 2023, she moved to a sales support and expediting role. Today, Lisbeth supports the sales team and expedites and follows up on orders. She is punctual, careful, and efficient in everything she does.
Michael Sprus
Instrument Engineer / Service Offshore / Spare Part Coordinator

+47 988 78 542

About Michael
Michael is a service technician with 12 years of offshore experience working with instrumentation and fiscal gas meters. He is outgoing and happy to use his expertise to help with any issues or concerns.