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Project Responsible Engineers

Autek’s Project Responsible Engineers are highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated professionals whose priority is to deliver projects on time with the highest possible quality. To achieve this, we have established a structured workflow coupled with close dialogue and cooperation with customers and subcontractors. Our field instrumentation, flow elements, and metering system services are checked daily against stringent standards such as NORSOK, TR, and ISO, giving us a complete overview and control of our projects. We take pride in using best practices for always delivering beyond our customer’s expectations.

Everyone on our team possesses a high technical engineering education and great field instrumentation expertise; this enables them to provide customers with the industry’s most reliable solutions.

The specialists in this department mainly focus on calculations and design to create a variety of devices. From measuring lines to orifice drawings and even weather houses, no project is too big or small for our experienced engineers. At Autek, we pride ourselves on quickly turning the most difficult challenges into successful outcomes.

Our PRE team knows the importance of a close dialogue between supplier and client to guarantee the natural flow of every project, from start to finish. That’s why they have weekly meetings with the document controllers. Together, they work to stay on top of due dates and secure impeccable deliveries; this includes producing technical documents and guiding customers toward the best possible instrument for their needs.

Contact our engineers

Ingar Brænden
Teamleader Project / QA Manager

+47 908 57 840

About Ingar
Ingar is a team leader for DCC and project responsible engineers. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in mechatronics from a technical institute. Ingar is also responsible for keeping Autek's PED model H and ISO9001 up to date. He has 15 years of experience with project deliveries from Autek and constantly keeps a close eye on customer satisfaction.
Emma Frøshaug Johnsen
Project Engineer

+47 480 72 641

About Emma
Emma is a trained mechanical engineer and works as a Project Engineer and draftsman at Autek. She is responsible for the design and drawing of project deliveries. In her work, she is very structured and precise.
Petter Kalmo
Senior Project Engineer

+47 406 10 803

About Petter
Petter has over 11 years of experience as a project engineer. He oversees the calculations and design of DP flowmeters and checks the requirements for deliveries in the North Sea. He is also skilled in TR/NORSOK/ASME/ETC and performs FAT and Calibration at Autek.