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Document Control Centre

Our extensive experience and close cooperation with our engineers ensure a precise delivery of process instrumentation.

Some of the most integral components of our company are the document controllers. Thanks to their help, we can accurately verify the necessary documentation that ensures the safety and quality of our field instrumentation products. Our engineers work closely with our controllers, securing swift decision times. Thanks to this teamwork, our documentation delivery seamlessly integrates with our products.

Autek’s document controllers have a broad scope of knowledge of several different document control tools such as EqHub, ShareCat, SEMI, Proarc Collaboration, Pims, ShareFile, etc. They also have an extensive understanding of various process instrumentation industry standards, TR requirements, EPIM TIRC, and other client requirements.

In addition, our document controllers have weekly meetings with the PRE to stay on top of due dates and ensure the quality of all our deliveries. There is no detail too small, especially when it comes to providing our clients with premium products.

Contact our document controllers

Marthe Aursand
Document Controller

+47 919 04 917

About Marthe
Marthe has been a Document Controller at Autek for five years. She has a wide range of experience working on projects across logistics and administration. Marthe believes that the best way to stay on top of document control is through efficiency, accuracy, and of course, a smile!