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The field instrumentation industry is constantly evolving, and our dedicated project engineers are work diligently to keep up with the latest technologies.

This page showcases some of the latest and most innovative projects worldwide. From metering systems to process instrumentation, we’re excited to present some of our customers’ and partners’ solutions.

We are proud to be able to constantly provide our partners with the latest technology and expertise for their evolving needs.

Highlighted projects in 2022
End CustomerProjectDelivery
Conoco PhillipsTommeliten - A Tie-in to Ekofisk ComplexUltrasonic gas flowmeter and wet gas venturi meters complete with meter runs
EquinorNjord AComplete instrument package for flow, pressure, and temperature measurement
EquinorDraupnerComplete metering system, GC's and instrument panels
Vår EnergiJotunComplete instrument package for flow, level, pressure, and temperature measurement
Ongoing projects in 2023
End CustomerProjectDelivery
EquinorOseberg CComplete metering system and gas meterrun
EquinorValemonComplete metering system
EquinorStatfjordInterlocking solution
EquinorTroll CExport gas meters with meterruns
ShellNyhamna Gas Export18" 2500# Ultrasonic flowmeters with meterruns