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Flow Measurement Flowmeter

Multipulse Compact Piston

Trimec Multipulse Rotary Piston flowmeters provide high levels of accuracy and repeatability for flowrate indication, totalisation and batching / dispensing. These meters suit a wide range of liquids including extremely viscous lubricants, chemicals and food bases, through to non-conductive, low viscosity solvents, either pumped or gravity fed.

Features & Benefits

  • For flows from 0.2 up to 140 lit/min
  • Sizes 15, 25, and 40mm process connections
  • High accuracy and repeatability, direct reading flowmeters
  • No need for flow conditioning
  • Simple to install, easy to maintain
  • Measures high and low viscosity liquids
  • Wide Pressure and Temperature Ranges
  • Full Pressure Boundary Chemical and Physical Material Traceability
  • Measures conductive and non-conductive clean liquids

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