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Make Your Digital MFC Network Enabled— And Much Much More!

Compod™ is a programmable control module for Sierra Instruments’ 100 Series that makes Smart-Trak® even smarter. The Compod™ mounts to any Sierra Smart-Trak® Model 100, converting the instrument’s internal RS-232 communications into multi-drop RS-485/ MODBUS RTU. With MODBUS, multiple instruments can be daisy-chained over a single network. When used with a PLC or master computer, each instrument equipped with Compod becomes a node on the MODBUS network, capable of sending and receiving data and commands. Even complex process control systems can be automated with the power of Compod and Sierra’s Smart-Trak Model 100. Users can utilize Sierra’s included software or write proprietary software using open-source MODBUS protocol to configure standard functions for the Smart-Trak. Compod’s two digital output channels, analog input channel and configurable pulse output channel can automate gas processes without the need for an external PLC or computer. With these advanced capabilities, Smart-Trak with Compod can easily be integrated into complete process control systems

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