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Pressure Measurement Diaphragm seals

Hub connector type, flush diaphragm

Badotherm Hub seal is a special design of diaphragm seal based on high pressure clamp hub connectors. This design is based on and manufactured in according with the leading manufactures, such as Destec®, Vector-Techlok®, Grayloc® or Galperti®. These type of connectors are designed for high pressure applications (>400 bar) where standard flanges cannot be used or only with extreme heavy weight, since another advantage of the Hub connector is the relative small design with a far lower load on the process installation. BHS seals can be used for either pressure measurement or differential pressure measurement (level, flow) where high static pressure occurs. The BHS can be produced with an internal diaphragm (smaller hub sizes) or a flush diaphragm (larger hub sizes), this depends on the specific application

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