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The FlowPod is Litre Meter’s latest flow indication display unit. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, the FlowPod comes in a compact and light weight flame-proof Stainless Steel enclosure that is only 85mm in diameter and weighs in at only 1.6kg. The FlowPod is one of the smallest flow displays for the Chemical Injection industry on the market today.

The high-contrast back-lit display with large flow rate indication and totalizer digits enables the display to be easily read from a distance, even in poorly lit conditions. The FlowPod comes equipped with the Litre Meter – Memory Card facility (LM-MC). LM-MC has been developed by Litre Meter for 2-wire low powered systems. The LM-MC enables calibration data to be easily swapped without having to remove the FlowPod from the installation or having to perform difficult calibration curve changes on-site. The LM-MC has data logging capabilities to enable recalibration to be tailored to the flow rate of the meter as specified by the client.

The FlowPod can be controlled without having to power down, by using HART commands, or by the integrated magnetic switches that allow for simple programming and menu selection.

The display can either be direct mounted or remote mounted using suitable armoured signal cable or conduit. The standard specification includes HART 7 protocol output on a two or four wire 24 Vdc powered system.

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