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PTH diaphragm seal

Published: September 14, 2016 |  Author: Lars Kristian Salvesen

The 3051H high process temperature pressure transmitter has stopped being manufactured, therefore Badotherm developed a perfect new solution for this type of requirement.

In short, the new solution makes it possible to continue proceeding high process temperature (capability up to 200°C) for measuring differential or gauge pressure with a direct mounted solution to fit to the manifold according the IEC 61518.

The PTH seal construction is designed to make the transmitter suitable for mounting to the process without capillary. The connection is according the International Standards of IEC 61518 to fit manifolds. The maximum process temperature is standard 200°C, however optionally this could be increased to higher temperatures, in combination with different fill fluids. Wetted part materials are standard AISI316(L),but can be varied depending on the process conditions.