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Berthold Technologies is a global technology leader in life sciences, process control, and radiation protection. They deliver integrated measuring solutions that have been trusted by scientists, technicians, and engineers for over 70 years. Berthold’s radiometric instruments are used in the onshore and offshore oil & gas production industry worldwide to control and monitor level, interface level, emulsion layers, and density. The measurement systems are installed onshore and offshore on drilling rigs, production platforms, FPSO, hydraulic fracturing, in oil terminals as well as in the Canadian oil sands, providing highly accurate and reliable information for optimized process control. Due to their non-contacting, non-intrusive nature, the radiometric level and density gauges from Berthold are ideal for use in all high temperature and high pressure applications such as first stage separators, etc.Berthold is the owner of Sensor Technology AS (S-TEC). S-TEC specializes in the production and development of cost-effective clamp-on meters for concentration, density and level in solids, liquids, and suspensions. The company’s mission includes adapting their products to various industrial applications, where radioactive meters provide clear advantages against other measurement principles.

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