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Autek AS designs and supplies flow elements. Flow elements are a common term for differential pressure flow meters; this is by far the most widely used method for measuring gas and fluid flow in the industry. In addition to the flow element, a complete flowmeter will consist of differential pressure transmitters and flow elements or complete meter runs. To provide our clients with a mass flow result, this can also be expanded with flow computers and temperature and pressure transmitters for compensation.

Autek performs in-house calculations of all our flow elements. The production of flow elements, venturi pipes and nozzles are carried out in our own engineering department as well as at SEIKO Flowcontrol, which we represent in Norway. All our offshore deliveries are inspected to meet customer requirements and comply with NORSOK, Equinor TR, GIS, DEP sepc, etc. Materials from NORSOK-M650 approved suppliers, welding procedures according to NORSOK-M601 and Equinor TR standards, and paint according to the NORSOK-M501 are all standard for our offshore industry deliveries.

Autek also offers calibration of flow elements. This is done either by “Hot Water” calibration or gas calibration.

Temperature sensors and thermowells are designed and calculated by Autek. Our thermowells are always calculated and designed according to ASME PTC 19.3 – 2016, and include a frequency calculation and material certificate . Autek thermowells are manufactured from forged material or welded according to NORSOK M601 and TR1826. NDT and PMI reports are available on request.

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Managing Director / Sales

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