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Phone: +47 32 21 92 00
Phone+47 32 21 92 00


Lars Kristian Salvesen
Managing Director / Sales

+47 900 27 277

Lars Kristian is the owner of Autek AS. He has a bachelor's degree in Marketing Communication and Cybernetics. He has held several roles at Autek, such as offshore services, project engineering, and sales engineering. Today, Lars mainly works with metering systems and flow elements.
Jann Alnes Øverland
Senior Sales Engineer

+47 474 62 556

Jann is our Senior Sales Engineer and Product Manager of Safety Solutions and Temperature Measurement. He has worked in the sales department at Autek since 2007. Jann is our specialist when it comes to thermowells and safety interlockings. But, most importantly, he always puts his customers first.
Helge Larsen
Manager Autek Vest

+47 478 82 027

Helge has over 40 years of experience in management, sales, and marketing in the oil and gas Industry. He has an extensive global network in the supplies and manufacturing sectors, including distributors, engineering companies, and end users.
Geir Falkevik
Senior System Engineer

+47 926 95 136

Geir is our Senior System Engineer. He has a degree in Automation and 23 years of experience with instrumentation for the offshore industry. During the last 14 years, Geir has been working with complete metering systems. At Autek, he mainly focuses on working with metering systems and flow elements.
Hans Petter Selbo
Sales Engineer

+47 959 95 619

Hans Petter has been a sales engineer at Autek since 2013. He has worked as an industrial and offshore sales engineer since 1986. Hans specializes in special heating solutions, temperature regulation, special cables, identification systems for cables, equipment, and different accessories.
Line Skjeggerud Espeland
Digital Marketer / Business Analyst

+47 919 09 620

Line is an Economics graduate responsible for Autek's marketing, with a special focus on analytics and numbers. She loves using numbers to tell stories, as well as coming up with creative marketing strategies.
Michael Sprus
Instrument Engineer / Service Offshore / Spare Part Coordinator

+47 988 78 542

Michael is a service technician with 12 years of offshore experience working with instrumentation and fiscal gas meters. He is outgoing and happy to use his expertise to help with any issues or concerns.

Project / Assembly / DCC

Ingar Brænden
Teamleader Project / QA Manager

+47 908 57 840

Ingar is a team leader for DCC and project responsible engineers. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in mechatronics from a technical institute. Ingar is also responsible for keeping Autek's PED model H and ISO9001 up to date. He has 15 years of experience with project deliveries from Autek and constantly keeps a close eye on customer satisfaction.
Emma Frøshaug Johnsen
Project Engineer

+47 480 72 641

Emma is a trained mechanical engineer and works as a Project Engineer and draftsman at Autek. She is responsible for the design and drawing of project deliveries. In her work, she is very structured and precise.
Petter Kalmo
Senior Project Engineer

+47 406 10 803

Petter has over 11 years of experience as a project engineer. He oversees the calculations and design of DP flowmeters and checks the requirements for deliveries in the North Sea. He is also skilled in TR/NORSOK/ASME/ETC and performs FAT and Calibration at Autek.
Cecilie Forsberg Ellefsen
Document Controller / HSE

+47 919 02 593

Cecilie has 8 years of experience as a Document Controller at Autek. In everything she does, she works systematically and accurately. In addition, Cecile has a wide range of experience working on various projects at Autek. She specializes in customer service and closely collaborates with our project engineers here at Autek, customer DCC, and other.
Marthe Aursand
Document Controller

+47 919 04 917

Marthe has been a Document Controller at Autek for five years. She has a wide range of experience working on projects across logistics and administration. Marthe believes that the best way to stay on top of document control is through efficiency, accuracy, and of course, a smile!


Michael Sprus
Instrument Engineer / Service Offshore / Spare Part Coordinator

+47 988 78 542

Michael is a service technician with 12 years of offshore experience working with instrumentation and fiscal gas meters. He is outgoing and happy to use his expertise to help with any issues or concerns.
Thor Dahl
Service Manager

+47 928 91 510

Thor Dahl has worked as a Service Manager at Autek since 1991. He has a wide range of experience with many different measurement systems and a deep understanding of process behavior. His first offshore trip as an instrument technician was in 1985.
Sindre Hjorth
Service Technician

+47 911 74 893

Sindre is one of our service technician. He is a certified automation technician and electrician, with 12 years experience working with chemical industiral process, oil and gass. He will mainly be working with Sick ultrasonic gas flow meter and sampling systems. Beyond all that he is punctual, systematic and will never back down from a technical challenge.
Roger Berget
Instrument Engineer / Service Offshore

+47 476 18 949

Roger has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and is a certified electrician. He has worked with meters and measurement systems in the oil industry for the past 12 years. Before that, he worked as an electrician.


Vivian Mathiassen
Back Office Manager / Accountant / QA Auditor /

+47 917 69 029

Vivian has been with Autek AS since 2000. In addition to studying economics in high school, she has a bachelor's degree in history. Vivian has held several roles at Autek, including order expediting, accounting, and now back-office manager. Today, she is responsible for our day-to-day business and accounts management.

Logistics / Expediting

Lisbeth Eigeland-Laheld
Sales support / Expediting

+47 924 50 855

Lisbeth has worked at Autek since 2013 in the logistics and expediting department. In 2023, she moved to a sales support and expediting role. Today, Lisbeth supports the sales team and expedites and follows up on orders. She is punctual, careful, and efficient in everything she does.
Guro Holm
Logistics / Warehouse

+47 919 02 968

Guro is efficient, careful and accurate in all the work she does. She thinks it is important that customers get the right product at the right time and goes to great lengths for this.