Flow-X flow computer

The ideal flow computer for gas metering with SICK ultrasonic gas meters

The Flow-X flow computer provides gas volume conversion, event logging, audit trails and reports using latest technology. Each module combines advanced measurement technology, fast digital signal processing, abundant processing power, versatile data communication and high capacity storage into a fully equipped flow computer. Stream modules are combined in different enclosures, offering a multi-stream version Flow-X/P for 1 – 4 streams with local touch screen or a single stream version Flow-X/S for smaller installations with one stream. The Flow-X flow computer meets the requirements for even the most demanding applications and is the ideal partner for custody gas metering solutions in installations with FLOWSIC600 ultrasonic gas meters.

At a glance

  • MID approved configuration for gas metering streams with FLOWSIC600
  • Powerful modules for demanding applications
  • Each module features CPU, memory and equal in/outputs
  • Compelling 7″ graphic display with touch operation
  • Intuitive user interface for graphics display and web browser
  • True remote access via Ethernet
  • Station computer for multiple streams

Your benefits 

  • Reduced planning and installation costs through standard configurations
  • Very accurate volume conversion with multiple calculation cycles per second
  • High reliability through independent modules with their own volume conversion and storage of measured values, counter readings and events
  • Easy extension of installations with modules featuring equal in/outputs and 100% software configuration
  • Very simple operation through intuitive user interface featuring identical menus and displays on the device and in the control room
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs with tamper-proof remote maintenance
  • Cost-efficient and flexible system integration of multiple streams

Field of application 

  • Custody gas metering with FLOWSIC600 gas meters
  • Demanding natural gas and process gas applications
  • Totals at base conditions for gas volume, mass and energy
  • For natural gas, special gases and steam
  • Gas metering with advanced diagnostics with FLOWSIC600 2plex
  • Redundant gas metering with FLOWSIC600 Quatro

New Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

American Sensor Technologies releases its hammer union pressure transmitter for pressures up to 20,000 PSI.  Designed to operate in hazardous areas,  the AST4400 and AST4600 hammer unions are available for non-hazardous, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof areas as well as SIL2 designs.

The product was developed through the process of listening to customers and applying the latest sensor technology and material to the applications.  These intense applications cause sensors to drift and eventually fail in the field.  The sensor is hammered during install and hammered with pressure transient.  With this in mind, the AST hammer union pressure transmitter employs a thick Inconel™ 718 diaphragm and silicon strain gages to increase survivability and long term performance.  The transmitter is lab tested for high shock and vibration resistance, with testing up to 1000G. Further, AST field tested it onshore and offshore in the most extreme ambient conditions.

The modular design allows for simpler, faster, and lower cost replacement of the transmitter if a failure were to occur.  The cage around the pressure transmitter is designed to protect the sensor and mating connector, allows for proper drainage in flooding situations, and optional handle mounting (although the cage itself is easy to hold with a gloved hand).

Short term, you have a transmitter that will last longer with less drift.  Long term, you have a more cost-effective solution because you’ll repair less and pay less when you repair.

Contact AST for shunt calibration options.

Product Link: http://www.astsensors.com/hammer-union-pressure-transmitter.php

Sierra Introduces New Line of Gas Flow Control Valves

SmartVO™ control valves offer a robust and field-proven direct-acting electromagnetic proportional control valve technology to perform over a wide variety of temperature and pressure variations in the gas stream. You can even locally adjust response characteristics for multiple applications or system pressure design changes.

When integrated with a flow sensor or pressure transducer and a proportional electronic controller, SmartVO control valves are capable of providing steady and precise control of gas flow rates or pressures.

“We are very excited about our new line of valves,” says Matthew Olin, CEO. “We have manufactured control valves for over 30 years as part of our mass flow controller product line—so they are field proven. The difference is, now we have repackaged an elegant and high quality valve-only product line. In the case of our SmartVO, the customer already has flow or pressure metering in place and just needs precision control.”

Sierra’s SmartVO line of valves consists of fast-response control valves which provide immediate response to control signal changes and operate over a wide pressure differential range. All models are electromagnetic proportional control valves designed for use in closed loop flow or pressure control systems. They are ideal for on/off or partial flow control of air and process gases in ranges from 0 up to 1000 slpm.

Battery Powered Pressure Transducers

The availability of power is limited in remote locations, yet the need for sensors in these areas is not!
In remote applications, the common choice for powering sensors and other instrumentation is battery power. Changing batteries is a costly operation in remote areas, so low power consumption is a key feature when selecting a pressure sensor. AST has released a new analog voltage output signal to be used with battery powered systems that consumes less than 3mA of current during operation. This output is 0.5V to 2.5V full scale output, powered with 3-5V of unregulated power, including 3.3V lithium batteries. This excitation range allows the use of these batteries without adding a DC-to-DC converter, which increases power budget efficiency.
In addition to low current consumption, AST’s sensors can be “pulsed” on when a reading is needed so there is no need to constantly power the sensor. In approximately 80msec, the pressure sensor can be powered, provide an output signal for data capture, and be de-energized, further enhancing battery life.
The output signal is now available on hazardous and non-hazardous location products, including submersible pressure-based level sensors.
Please contact AST for price and availability.

  • Low Power Consumption (<3mA)
  • Operates from 3-5VDC unregulated
  • 80msec warm up
  • Available for hazardous areas

A new Diaphragm Seal that can withstand process temperature up to 600°C

It is a recognized phenomenon in the process industry that higher process pressure and higher temperature can improve the overall efficiency. Badotherm has developed a new diaphragm seal that can withstand process temperatures up to 600°C. To enable a proper functioning of the diaphragm seal at these extreme process temperatures a patented, revolutionary new design and principle is used. The new High Temperature Diaphragm Seal (HTDS) is extensively tested in different circumstances and with various process temperatures.

Read more about HTDS ›

Sierra Instruments Releases New Gas Mixing Feature

qMix Eliminates Need to Send Flow Meter Back to the Factory for Gas Composition Changes

Monterey, CA — March 12, 2015 — Sierra Instruments: Following in our commitment to drive innovation that creates value for customers, we are excited to announce the new gas mixing software package, now included with every QuadraTherm® 640i/780i thermal mass flow meter on a beta trial basis. The “qMix™” software package is a unique feature of the Smart Interface Program (SIP) unlike anything available on the market for industrial mass flow meters.

qMix is a user-customizable gas mix feature that allows you to create custom gases or gas mixtures to compensate for gas compositional changes in the field. Use qMix when the gas composition changes in the pipe or when moving the meter to another location with a different gas composition.

The major benefit is that now for the first time with thermal technology, you can retain accuracy without returning your thermal mass flow meter to the factory. If your flow meter is used in industries such as biogas or oil & gas, where gas compositions change over time, you will no longer need to send your meter back to the factory for gas recalibration every time your gas changes.

Watch How qMix Works Video 

Key Customer Benefits
Through an easy-to-use software interface, qMix allows you to:

  • Field adjust and maintain flow meter accuracy if gas composition changes
  • Avoid costly recalibration;  once qMix has been installed, no need to send unit back to the factory if gas composition changes
  • Create and upload unlimited gas mixtures onto one meter–free of charge
  • Save custom gas mixtures onto your personal “My Gases Database” for later use
  • Benefit from Sierra’s proprietary, ever improving qTherm “Gas Database” to download more accurate gases

Existing Customers: Starting on March 12, 2015 all QuadraTherm 640i/780i meters will include qMix as part of the meter’s Smart Interface Program (SIP). Flow meters shipped prior to March 12, 2015 (firmware 1.0.86 or lower) will need to be sent back to Sierra via the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process for a firmware upgrade and air recalibration to support qMix software functionality (qMix firmware requires an air calibration).

Traditionally, thermal mass flow meters are calibrated using the exact gas mixture they are intended to measure or a surrogate mixture with very similar properties. In many industrial applications, like biogas measurement, the gas composition changes from the original calibration. When changes in gas composition occur in the field, the accuracy of the flow meter is adversely affected. In the past, the only way to correct for a change in gas composition was to return the meter to the factory for gas recalibration. qMix provides a dynamic solution to this problem by allowing end users to manage gas composition changes in the field right from the Smart Interface Program (SIP) without ever sending the flow meter back to the factory to recalibrate the meter for the new gas composition.

About Sierra
A global leader in flow measurement and control for over 40 years, Sierra instruments designs and manufactures high performance flow instrumentation for gas, liquid and steam applications commonly found in the pharmaceutical, scientific research, health, energy and semi-conductor industries. With over 150 offices in 50 countries, Sierra is uniquely positioned to provide their innovative products and lifetime support for the leading companies of today and the growth enterprises of tomorrow and lifetime support for the leading companies of today and the growth enterprises of tomorrow.

Autek ny partner for OSCG

Cable gland produsenten har inngått avtale med Autek AS om salg av cable gland og koblingsbokser i Norge, Danmark og Sverige.

Auteks lange erfaring med salg til Norsk offshore og gode kontaktnett var en viktig faktor får valget av Autek som eksklusiv leverandør i det skandinaviske markedet.
OSCG er en betydelig leverandør til en rekke EPC kontraktører over hele verden og har blant annet levert til Statoil, Total, BP, Shell, etc. OSCG er blant annet fortrukket leverandør på Gina Krogh utbyggingen til Statoil.