Prevents fittings from galling, ensure effective seal and prevents components from vibrating loose.

We are now in the position to provide the industry with the absolute best Thread SeaIing tape available! Autek SilverSeal tape is recognized and

preffered in the Oil and Gas industry and is a big contributor for having reduced leackages at the installations.

Using our Silver-Seal tape benefits to have a quick installation without curing time(as is the case using anebole compound). Sipmly follow the

mounting instruction and the joint is ready to serve the Application.


Safe High Pressure Measurement now up to 5000 bar!

Designed to perform in demanding environments, the HP1100 & GD4200-USB Series from ESI Technology will consistently maintain accurate performance whilst sustaining high durability.

The wetted parts and diaphragm are machined from a single piece of titanium alloy which means no weld joints and therefore high pressure integrity and overload capacity andwith operating ranges up to 5000bar, the Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology ensures a high performance level even with high overpressures.

Stainless steel housing gives unbeatable corrosion resistance whilst the Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance with virtually no hysteresis and excellent long term stability over a wide temperature range. The standard autoclave fitting enables safe and reliable sealing to such high pressures.

high pressure digital transducer

The Genspec Dynamic digital USB Transducer, or the GD4200-USB, has a selectable read rate up to 1000 readings per second (1000Hz), ensuring that all pressure fluctuations are captured and you don’t miss a thing!

An optional ATEX and IECEx certified version of the HP1100 series is available for explosion protection for flammable gases (zone 0), dusts (zone 20) and mining areas (group I M1).


  • Pressure ranges from 0-400bar to 0-5000bar
  • All titanium wetted parts with no seals or welds
  • Excellent accuracy
  • High operating temperature
  • Autoclave high pressure process connection
  • Intrinsically safe option (HP1100 only)

USB Transducer with ultra fast sampling rate

Genspec© Dynamic GD4200-USB

  • Sample rate software selection up to 1,000 Hz
  • Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure sensor technology
  • Choice of pressure ranges from vacuum to 5,000 bar
  • Accuracy (NLHR) ±0.15% of span BFSL
  • Auto detect and configuration
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • ESI-USB© downloadable software with auto update
  • Measure & record up to 16 pressure inputs together
  • Create customised test certificate
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Support for easy integration with applications created by C#, VB, Labview and Excel VBA (api dll library)
  • 2m lead & carry case included

The GD4200-USB© Digital Pressure Transducer has been designed to measure, analyse and record pressure directly on your computer without the need for costly I/O interface boards. It allows the user to measure up to 16 pressure inputs simultaneously and easily create customised test certificates.

The transducer is powered by the computer’s USB port, data is then presented on the PC via the ESI-USB© configurable Windows Interface software. It has instant connection with auto-detection, and will configure automatically with your desktop, laptop or Windows tablet via USB protocol. The sample rate enables dynamic pressures to be measured with up to 21 bit resolution at user selectable speeds up to 1,000 Hz. For real-time analysis, data transferred to the PC is achieved without loss of accuracy or bandwidth. This pressure transducer is USB 2.0 compatible, the ESI-USB© interface configuration and analysis software is compatible exclusively with Windows© 7 (32bit & 64bit), 8, 8.1 and 10. Data can be displayed in graphical or tabular form, with a choice of pressure units and fully adjustable scales. Data can be saved to a file or exported to Excel/ PDF.

The unique Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance and gives excellent stability over a wide temperature range. Excellent measurement accuracy provides high resolution with a precision greater than 1 in 10,000. Nine pressure ranges have been carefully selected to enable the user to cover any pressure that the application requires, from vacuum up to 5,000 bar, via the use of the ESI-USB© digitally self scaling software.

Each unit requires free download of the ESI-USB© software and is supplied with 2m USB lead, rated to IP68, and a convenient carry case.

Introducing the New InnovaSonic 207i Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

Optimized for Thermal Energy/BTU Measurement


  • High accuracy transit-time ultrasonic technology
  • Software apps for ease of installation & diagnostics
  • Optimized for thermal energy/BTU measurement
  • Clamp-on sensors, no pipe cutting, no shutdown
  • Real-time liquid density compensation
  • Upgrade meter firmware and software in the Field


VFF FilterPro – new product, to complement the VFF meters

Litre Meter has developed a flow assurance filter to the same high standards
as their successful VFF flow meter range. By using the same material,
inspection and standards requirements it is ready for your chemical injection
project. The filter has been designed to match and protect our flow meters in
their designed environment to achieve their optimum level of performance

Flowmeters for 20,000 psi

The VFF range has many uses in the oil and gas industry and meets
the high specifications required. Outside of oil and gas Litre meter
have manufactured these to 2,500bar.

The breakthrough in our design philosophy came when we
separated the measurement of the fluid from the pressure
containment. We designed a measurement chamber that
floats in the pressure vessel. This ensures accurate, pressure
independent flow metering from 10 psi to 20,000 psi.



PTH diaphragm seal

The 3051H high process temperature pressure transmitter has stopped being manufactured, therefore Badotherm developed a perfect new solution for this type of requirement. In short, the new solution makes it possible to continue proceeding high process temperature (capability up to 200°C) for measuring differential or gauge pressure with a direct mounted solution to fit to the manifold according the IEC 61518.

The PTH seal construction is designed to make the transmitter suitable for mounting to the process without capillary. The connection is according the International Standards of IEC 61518 to fit manifolds. The maximum process temperature is standard 200°C, however optionally this could be increased to higher temperatures, in combination with different fill fluids. Wetted part materials are standard AISI316(L),but can be varied depending on the process conditions.


NEW: BLS3000 – Electronic Dual Level Switch

BLS3000 – the Plus in level switches BLS3000

  • Resolution: 5 mm
  • Direct measurement
  • Capable of measuring media of density > 0.6g/cm³ that is compatible with float material e.g. hydraulic oils, water, coolants even with foaming
  • Total length (L0): 250 – 1000 mm

The Barksdale sensor family Generation 3000 is growing again: now the BLS3000 to monitor the level is available.

The electronic level switch BLS3000 offers a Plus in advantages in relation to traditional level switches. The integrated reed relays enable nearly continuous level measuring as well as free customized set point adjustment. Due to digital indication and analogue output the feedback of the application is given quickly and reliably. In addition with panel height of 110 mm and diameter of less than 41 mm the required space for a BLS3000 is very low. This means installation even small power packs is easily undertaken.

The lengths are available from 250 to 1000 mm. The resolution is at 5 mm. Beside the switch function (max. 2 setpoints) the sensor family can also be used as transmitter with analogue output in 4 … 20 mA or 0… 10 V format.

The wide range of process connections (G1/2“ M, G3/4“ M, G1“ M, ½“ NPT M, 3/4“ NPT M, 1“ NPT M, 11/4“ NPT M and M20 x 1,5 mm M) are offered  for various applications. The switch target applications are to monitor hydraulic oil or cooling water levels

Series BLS is cULus certified as well as the well known pressure switch BPS3000 and temperature switch BTS3000 and covers the protection classes IP65/IP67.

The big 4-digit 14-segment LED display is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a real functional highlight. It ensures a perfect readability independent of the positioning like inversion of the display due to software-features. Menu and electrical connection refer to VDMA standard 24574-1.

Due to rotatable 320° display and electrical connection, the mounting and installation is very easy.

Generation3000 Brochure

Macro Sensors Subsea LVDT Linear Position Sensor Now Compliant With CiA 443 CANopen Profile for Use on Subsea Trees

Macro Sensors now offers its SSI Series of Subsea LVDT Linear Position Sensors with the CiA® 443 CANopen communication interface mandated for use on subsea trees (a.k.a. christmas trees) used in offshore oil drilling. The term “christmas tree” refers to the assembly of valves, sensors and controllers and other equipment placed over a wellhead, which, in formation, resembles a decorated tree. Its function is to prevent oil or gas release from an oil well, while controlling flow rates to maintain steady production levels.

Valves on the christmas tree are used to open and close oil pipes as they bring oil from the sea bed. The function of Macro Sensors Submersible LVDT is to provide feedback on valves in monitoring and controlling their status as part of a subsea control module. Failure to completely close a valve could result in an environmental disaster.


Located on the ocean floor in depths up to several hundred meters, the LVDT sensor and other prescribed “Level 2” components installed on the “christmas tree” are connected to offshore platforms by means of CAN networks. In the past, sensors and other equipment were connected by EIA 485 serial links that proved unreliable. To improve operability and standardize communications between devices among different manufacturers on subsea trees, the SIIS (Subsea Instrument Interface Standardization group) and CiA (CAN in Automation) Association jointly developed a new communication interface – CiA 443 CANopen profile. According to CiA , the CANopen network links SIIS level-2 devices to a subsea control system, which communicates via CiA® 443


In addition to complying with the new CiA 443 CANopen regulation, Macro Sensors encases its SSI Series of Subsea LVDTs in Inconel 625 to withstand deepsea enviroments with pressures up to 5000 psi. Due to a higher content of nickel, chromium and molybdenum, the Inconel offers excellent protection against corrosion and enhances the already high-reliability of the LVDT assembly, ensuring that it can meet service life requirements of at least 20 years, even if fully exposed to seawater. Reliability is critically important due to the cost of replacing subsea hardware.


For detailed specifications and other information on the SSIR Series LVDTs, visit