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Responsibility at Autek

Distinct goals, strong values and a long-term focus characterize the development of Autek.  As a family company, we want to combine economic success with ecological and social progress. 

Our work and our products are meant to create sustainable benefits. We are convinced that this will pay off – for people, the environment and the company, in good times as well as in difficult ones.

Sustainability concept

We view sustainability as a holistic concept encompassing an economic, social and ecological dimension. All three dimensions are closely linked and dependent on each other. Only when we are able to fulfill our social and ecological responsibilities can we achieve long-term economic success. On the other hand, only economically successful companies are capable of making a long-term contribution to society and the environment.

As a family company, we think in generations, not in quarters. We pursue long-term goals and want to permanently change things for the better. Thus, the sense of sustainability is deeply rooted in our company culture.

The Spirit of Autek, which translates our corporate culture into words, explicitly identifies comprehensive responsibility as one of our central values. We strive to develop trustful and loyal relationships between customers, employees and shareholder. And we maintain an open and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders. In addition, acting responsibly as a corporation for us also means being environmentally aware and conserving natural resources.

Corporate strategy

According to our corporate mission we support our customers to improve their products and manufacture them more efficiently. Our goal is to further expand our position as a leading provider of products, solutions and services for process automation. In the context of strengthening the Autek brand and slogan “we deliver”, we specifically refer to the topic of sustainability, one of our brand values. Our customer expects suppliers and partners with a clear sustainability strategy and without this we don’t deliver as we say in our slogan. To archive our goal, we will keep on working in the organization from leader position trough all the employees to find the best way to deliver and meet our common goals.

Economic sustainability

We concentrate only on businesses we understand and which are a good fit for us. This is the foundation of our sustainability- aligned business approach. Our portfolio is based on our core expertise in process automation, metering, and sensor technology. Our understanding of responsible corporate management includes fair wages and working conditions, adherence to social standards and the efficient and smart use of energy and resources. Autek corporate culture is still heavily influenced by the owner. Key elements of the corporate culture include comprehensive responsibility for the company and a commitment to ethical behavior.

Strategic sustainability indicator

We view creating and retaining secure jobs as an important part of our corporate social responsibility. In addition, the taxes generated by our operations make a significant contribution to social well-being local and in the country. In our Code of Conduct we commit ourselves to adhering to applicable laws and regulations. That means not only following the letter of the law, but the respective spirit. For this reason, we reject any business structures designed to evade taxes. We utilize tax advantages and tax relief only to the extent they accrue in the course of normal business operations and only if we are legally entitled to them. To create a good working environment for our employees, we offer performance-based compensation, above-average social benefits, attractive opportunities for career development and a comprehensive program that allows them to strike an effective work-life balance, including access to childcare services and flexible work models. We strive to continually improve our attractiveness as an employer. We monitor the satisfaction of our employees with regular survey. We initiate accident prevention, risk awareness and work safety measures at our location and at our suppliers, partners and customers location. Safety comes always first!


Our office and production is not energy intensive and has only a minor impact on the environment. The major sources of our ecological footprint are building and office infrastructures, commuting to and from work, business travel and material transport. We generally seek opportunities to reduce impacts, for example by constructing energy-efficient buildings, utilizing renewable energy or supporting electromobility. Autek office in Drammen is now moving into a BREEAM certified building. To examine our environmental footprint, each year we capture corresponding data related to energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and waste accumulation.

Human rights

AUTEK is committed to conducting business in accordance with our commitment to the United Nations’ (UN) Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), Building Responsibly’ s Worker Welfare Principles and AUTEK’s Code of Conduct. All our employees and business partners shall have a clear understanding that working with Autek also expect that they follow these standards.


Autek will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and relevant provisions contained in national and international agreements. We and our subsuppliers will follow any sanctions or trade restriction that is applicable for our business. We do not accept any form for corruption for our sub suppliers, partners or employees. Autek will not take any part in any form of money laundering and ensure that our transactions are not used for this cause. Our employees or suppliers are not allowed to give any gift to our customers to favor our company in a bidding phase or evaluation phase. Autek will not will not take part in any form of price-fixing, market sharing collaboration or other activity that conflict with relevant competition laws.