About Autek

Autek AS is an independent Norwegian company that works with deliveries, commissioning and service of field instruments for offshore and land-based industries. Close cooperation and long-term relationships with good manufacturers allow us to supply temperature sensors, Thermowells and flowelements with short delivery time and good prices even on special solutions. All flow elements and Thermowells are calculated by our own project department. This allows the customer to get quick answers to issues that may arise during engineering.


Since 1986, AUTEK has been aiming to become a significant supplier of field instruments for offshore and the land-based process industry. We have achieve this by focusing on experienced professionals with special expertise in field field instrumentation. Our quality assurance system was established in January 1996 and later both internal control / HSE and environmental management system have been incorporated as part of our QA system. Our QA system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and we work to meet ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001. Autek was HMS qualified for delivery and service assignments for Statoil in 2016 according to NORSOK S-006N and Statoil’s internal requirments. The QA system is updated regularly and is carefully monitored by management.


We cooperate with international market leaders who have given us exclusive rights and obligations for the Norwegian market. In this way we get first-hand information about development and international trends, which in turn benefits our customers. The development is so fast today that our customers know to appreciate our advice and recommendations for the choice and use of equipment. We assume a great responsibility for each order and we know that the values ​​created using our equipment and expertise, far exceeds the cost of the equipment itself. We are therefore always prepared to provide the efforts that our customers expect to finalize a “perfect” installation. Our quality should be kept at a level that gives us access to the most demanding customer base in the short and long term.


Autek’s customers are 80% in maritime and offshore, while the rest is mainly within chemical, petrochemical, wood processing, food and pharmaceutical industries. Since 1985 we have participated in a number of major installations both on land and offshore. This has given us an important experience that the customer will benefit from in future projects.

Autek has delivered over 130 ultrasonic flow meters, more than 1000 pressure / temperature transmitters, as well as a range of thermowells, venturi tubes, orifice plates, restriction plates and critical flow devices. This has given us high competence and long experience with offshore installations

Process industry

Autek has a number of customers in various industries in Norway. These are mainly distributed within the smelting, chemical, petrochemical, wood processing, food and pharmaceutical industries. With our own service department and production of temperature sensors / pockets, we can provide the customer with quick support on our products


Autek AS carries out design and engineering and assembly. Machining and welding are carried out by subcontractors that we have long experience and close cooperation with.

Delivery time
Standard deliveries are delivered directly from our warehouse or after 1-2 weeks from own production. Larger deliveries are delivered according to agreed progress plans. We also have our own routine for carrying out special assignments or quick deliveries from our own production.

Machine Capacity
Autek has close cooperation with machinery factories that have good machinery capacity and with welding and NDT procedures that meet the requirements of NORSOK and other customer-specific specifications.

The materials we use come from NORSOK M650 approved suppliers and according to M630 / customer-specific MDS requirements. We have a large stock of forged materials for quick delivery of forged thermowells.

NDT is performed according to EN 473 / Nordtest. Personnel responsible for NDT activities are Certified Level 3 and Operators Minimum Level 2. For exotic materials, 100% PMI is standard for all pressurized equipment.

All pressurized equipment will satisfy PED 97/93 / EC. Our customers are responsible for providing the appropriate PED category for the equipment to be manufactured.

Welding is performed according to NORSOK M601 and TR 1826. WPS and WPQR are available for all welded products where welding according to NORSOK is specified.

Surface protection
Autek is well known with NORSOK M-501 and other customer-specific requirements such as TR0042. We deliver the equipment completely surface-treated according to customer requirements. Paint report with adhesion test and CPT is standard for our deliveries.