A leader in field instrumentation and process control.

We deliver.

For us, this means that we go to great lengths to deliver our products and services, so that you will always experience flow in the process and deliveries from us.

Good relationships and good customer service are our most important message. This is emphasized by saying that we must always be reliable; we will deliver that little bit extra both in terms of service and quality.

Our products

Over the course of more than 4 decades, we have developed a comprehensive mix of products. Our products represent leading global manufacturers within the niche that each specializes in.

We are also proud to announce that we are a leading manufacturer of thermowells and flow orifices/elements.

Our range of tailor-made products and systems is guaranteed high-quality. At Autek, we ensure that all products meet the quality of standards and materials required for the harsh and demanding atmosphere of the Norwegian Continental Shelf (among others).

Some keywords we encompass in our daily work are knowledge and flexibility to deliver a complex field instrumentation package to meet our client’s requirements and demands.