Temperature, temperature sensors and thermal pockets

Autek has a high level of expertise in temperature measurement for both the land and offshore industries. We have a large range of products related to temperature measurement and own production of temperature sensors and thermo pockets.

The temperature sensors and thermo pockets are produced in the same premises as Autek in Drammen. This gives you as a customer close access to the professional knowledge we possess in the production company. With well-updated production park and skilled production workers, we can solve most problems related to temperature measurement.
Fast delivery even on special deliveries

We have significant stocks of raw materials and procedures for carrying out emergency deliveries. This, together with flexible production planning, guarantees quick delivery even on special deliveries.

By downloading our temperature catalog you will get a lot of information about temperature measurement and the various solutions you will be able to choose from when measuring temperature.

Our suppliers

Autek (Temperature sensors and pockets)
Ametek (Turbine and flame sensors)
Badotherm (Bi metal thermometer)
Delta Ohm (handheld)

Our Tempertur products