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Macro Sensors Subsea LVDT Linear Position Sensor Now Compliant With CiA 443 CANopen Profile for Use on Subsea Trees

Macro Sensors now offers its SSI Series of Subsea LVDT Linear Position Sensors with the CiA® 443 CANopen communication interface mandated for use on subsea trees (a.k.a. christmas trees) used in offshore oil drilling. The term “christmas tree” refers to the assembly of valves, sensors and controllers and other equipment placed over a wellhead, which, […]

FLOWSIC600 Bio gas flow measuring device

Ultrasonic gas flow measurement for biogas SICK ultrasound technology makes the measurement of biogas reliable and effective for your biogas plant. No matter whether the gas is raw and freshly produced or dried and purified or readily upgraded for the injection into the natural gas grid. FLOWSIC600 Bio provides the operators of biogas production plants […]

Flow-X flow computer

The ideal flow computer for gas metering with SICK ultrasonic gas meters The Flow-X flow computer provides gas volume conversion, event logging, audit trails and reports using latest technology. Each module combines advanced measurement technology, fast digital signal processing, abundant processing power, versatile data communication and high capacity storage into a fully equipped flow computer. […]

New Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

American Sensor Technologies releases its hammer union pressure transmitter for pressures up to 20,000 PSI.  Designed to operate in hazardous areas,  the AST4400 and AST4600 hammer unions are available for non-hazardous, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof areas as well as SIL2 designs. The product was developed through the process of listening to customers and applying the latest sensor technology and material to […]

Sierra Introduces New Line of Gas Flow Control Valves

SmartVO™ control valves offer a robust and field-proven direct-acting electromagnetic proportional control valve technology to perform over a wide variety of temperature and pressure variations in the gas stream. You can even locally adjust response characteristics for multiple applications or system pressure design changes. When integrated with a flow sensor or pressure transducer and a […]

Battery Powered Pressure Transducers

The availability of power is limited in remote locations, yet the need for sensors in these areas is not! In remote applications, the common choice for powering sensors and other instrumentation is battery power. Changing batteries is a costly operation in remote areas, so low power consumption is a key feature when selecting a pressure […]

Sierra Instruments Releases New Gas Mixing Feature

qMix Eliminates Need to Send Flow Meter Back to the Factory for Gas Composition Changes Monterey, CA — March 12, 2015 — Sierra Instruments: Following in our commitment to drive innovation that creates value for customers, we are excited to announce the new gas mixing software package, now included with every QuadraTherm® 640i/780i thermal mass […]

Autek ny partner for OSCG

Cable gland produsenten har inngått avtale med Autek AS om salg av cable gland og koblingsbokser i Norge, Danmark og Sverige. Auteks lange erfaring med salg til Norsk offshore og gode kontaktnett var en viktig faktor får valget av Autek som eksklusiv leverandør i det skandinaviske markedet. OSCG er en betydelig leverandør til en rekke […]